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Sisterhood among the amazing women of Delta Gamma is the most special bond that empowers us all to be the best women we can be in all walks of life. The unforgettable memories made with one another creates an environment so vibrant that each Delta Gamma has a brighter day when she sees a sister even for a few minutes.

We are so excited to share with you the irreplaceable friendships and support that comes with being a member of Delta Gamma on Sisterhood Day during formal recruitment! Go Greek!​


Every quarter, our vp: programming and director of sisterhood organize events for all of Delta Gamma to enjoy time with our sisters. Depending on the activity, they help by planning out the event, making or picking up food, offering to drive, or bringing a speaker big enough for all of us! Delta Gamma sisterhood events are the best time to bond with one another by hanging out with your closest friends or spending time with a sister you don't always get to see around campus. We can't wait to spend time with our sisters at more events like these:

  • movie nights at the house

  • bonfires and s'mores at Grover Beach

  • hiking Bishop's Peak, Cerro San Luis Mountain, or the Irish Hills

  • farmer's market trips on Thursdays

  • exclusive sale events at boutiques in downtown SLO

  • sunset picnics at Pirate's Cove

  • study dates in our favorite coffee shops

  • brunch in our backyard

  • yoga sessions at the Rec Center

  • trips to the pumpkin patch at the Avila Valley Barn

  • rollerblading (and falling a lot) at the rink

  • concerts and music festivals throughout the year

  • and so much more every quarter!


Our sisters are the reason Delta Gamma is so special. We love being able to spend time with each other, celebrate our sorority, and get groovy at casual, semi-formal, and formal social events throughout the year.


Date parties give the option to bring any our friends outside of Delta Gamma as a date to meet all of our wonderful sisters while dressing to a fun theme and dancing the

whole night through!

Exchanges are between Delta Gamma and another fraternity, allowing the women of DG and the gentlemen of other fraternities to meet and get to know each other.

Semi-formal and formal events are held at fancier venues and themed as named with the opportunity to bring a guest to celebrate the night with DG sisters and their dates.

These events create memories that last a lifetime and make us grateful for all of the people in our lives that make our experience at Cal Poly unforgettable.

If you and your fraternity would like to plan an exchange with Delta Gamma, we would love to work out the details with you!

Contact our Chapter President at


The lifelong bond between a Big and Little sister is so special to the women of Delta Gamma. A strong connection between sisters of older and younger DGs is celebrated by the older DG welcoming the younger DG into her "family." The lineage of a family is continued through the years with the hierarchy as follows: little, big, grand big, great grand big, and so on! These bonds between the family are an incredible support system characterized by love, learning, and loyalty. Big sisters are always there for their little sisters by leading by example, being a mentor, and offering support whenever needed. This support is reciprocated by all sisters in the family, creating best friends for life. These incredible relationships are full of memories, laughs, and gratitude. Irreplaceable bonds are made between big and little sisters that last through college and beyond.



Delta Gamma celebrates Big/Little Week with each big sister secretly showering her little sister without the little knowing who her big is until the very last night! Each day, a big sister finds a way to anonymously gift her little sister baskets full of yummy treats, fun decorations, and DG apparel. Throughout the week, the entire sorority celebrates this connection by passing down stories, sharing traditions, and forming new relationships. Each new member gets a mentor that will be there for her to help guide her collegiate experience. Every member of our chapter is involved throughout the process, and even some alumnae visit on Big/Little Night to meet the new additions to their DG families!

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